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How to write gift guides

Last year I quadrupled my affiliate income. A few years ago, I met this new blogger who told me she was making $10,000 a month from affiliate income. Last summer, I would have still been skeptical of her. This year, I know that it is entirely possible and then some! I increased my income by creating gift guides.

These lists of cool things to buy look deceptively easy to make but there are some key pieces of information you need to know to make your gift guide exciting, useful, compliant with the law, and profitable. I found myself taking two to three hours at a time to explain this process to people and I thought, “you know, it would be great if there was a guide I could just share with people.” So I wrote one!

I wrote “Holiday Gift Guides Made Easy” to help you make gift guides that will MAKE you money and MAKE your readers feel like a GIFT GIVING super star. You want your followers to feel great, right?! Oh yeah, and money is nice too *wink wink*

NEW updates and MORE strategies!

I’ve just updated the book for 2017 to include more tips for using social media to promote the gift guides, more visual examples of gift guides online and off-line, and even more details about how to make your gift guide stand out and get people’s attention.

This guide is straight-forward, easy to read, and easy to understand. I provide formulas like this one above to get you started on making KILLER gift guides that will bring in the bucks!

I had two experts edit the guide to make sure it is accurate and compliant with affiliate marketing practices, rules, and laws. I put a lot of hours into making this guide to ensure it will give you the best information to help you be successful in creating profitable gift guides.

The Christmas gift guide season starts November 1 but you can make gift guides ALL YEAR LONG. No matter the holiday or season, you can make kickbutt gift guides like the one above with the roadmap I share in the book.

Get the guide now:

Why is November 1 important? I explain this part of the strategy in detail in the book but essentially, you’ll need time for people to see your gift guide and then buy before the holiday season. If you are making a gift guide for Father’s Day, you’ll want to start publishing a few weeks before the holiday, giving people time to find your guide, buy the gift ideas, and get them shipped in time to give.

But what if you are seeing this gift guide deal after November 1? Is it too late? No way! The latest I would pub a holiday gift guide is about a week before the USPS shipping deadline for Christmas, which is around December 16th. That’s because you want to make sure people have time to find your guide, buy the gift ideas, and get them shipped in time to give.

But what if you are seeing this post in March? What then?!

You can still totally use the concepts in this guide! All throughout the year people are buying gifts and need ideas. You are an expert in your niche. Use your knowledge to build gift guides for events and occasions your followers are likely to be involved in. For example, I have a high schooler graduating this next year so I am going to be researching the best gifts for graduating high schools, figuring out what gifts are cool, and sharing about them on my blog. Why not turn that knowledge and research into a gift guide that can help my readers who need graduation gifts this year?

But what if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is?

Start on my Affiliate Marketing Resource Page to get more details on how affiliate marketing works. I also totally explain this in the book too so… what are you waiting for? Make that money!

You can write gift guides all year long.

Whenever you find yourself needing to purchase a gift, that’s an opportunity to take that experience and build a gift guide as a resource for your followers.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Your boss just retired and you helped plan their party – make a retirement gift guide.
  • Your Dad just buys whatever he wants and that guy has everything. You’ve figured out some cool gifts to get him in all your years of dealing with this. Share that in a gift guide!
  • It’s your neighbor’s birthday and she loves gardening. But you don’t want to phone it in with a pair of gloves and a new trowel. You research what to get and then make a “Unique Gardening Gifts” gift guide to share on your blog.
  • Grab the ebook now:

What problem do your readers have that you can solve? Write a gift guide!

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