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Smart Creative Social is a full-service consulting company offering a variety of services to bloggers and business owners. Learn more about our services here:

Hourly Coaching and Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Influencer Program Development and Management


Why Work With Smart Creative Social?


Consulting Packages

I offer a variety of consulting packages to fit every size of business.

All of our sessions are recorded* so that you can focus on asking questions during the call. The recordings are made available for at least 30 days after the meeting via unlisted videos on a YouTube channel; no one else can access your recording unless you give them the link. I want to make the most of every minute of our meeting so you don’t need to worry about taking notes during our calls … they’re recorded!

Please view the consulting package options below. If you do not find a package that fits your needs, please Contact Me

Hourly Consulting & Strategy

Looking to get extra guidance or bounce ideas off someone? Need your current strategy evaluated to set up your next launch or campaign for success? I’m here to help. Book a consulting call with me using the packages below. If you would like to meet more than once, please scroll down to the Strategy Consulting Packages.

Laser Coaching Session – laser coaching sessions are perfect for bloggers and small business owners who need extra guidance but don’t need a full hour call. These sessions are limited to one per 30 day period per business. BOOK HERE

1 hour Consulting Session – these sessions are designed for businesses and bloggers who want a deep dive on several topics from an expert perspective. BOOK HERE

Artist or blogger on a budget? Occasionally I offer reduced rate sessions for artists and soloprenuers. Sometimes all you need is a little extra guidance from an expert; that’s why I offer these sessions on a limited basis. Please Contact Me for information about reduced rate sessions.

Strategic Planning Session – strategic planning sessions are designed to give you a strategic plan for one social media account that you an execute now. We’ll discuss a plan to meet your social media and digital marketing goals using your current resources and make recommendations during a recorded video call. You will have access to the recording* for 30 days following the call.

Your Strategic Planning Session Includes:

  • video recording of call*
  • strategy summary delivered via email after the call
  • audit of social media account and website prior to the call

This package includes me reviewing your account and site prior to the call so that 100% of the time spent on the call is to discuss your strategy. I also provide a bullet point strategy summary after the call to help you execute the plan we discuss.  This package is targeted to businesses who want a deep dive and want to walk away with a strategic plan to follow, in hand. BOOK HERE

Strategy Consulting Package

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just call someone to help you answer the social media questions relevant to your business? That’s why I created the Strategy Consulting Package! With this package, I am available to help you via text, email, and calls for short questions you need answered. We’ll also meet for 30 minutes each month on a recorded video call during which we will review your social media accounts, discuss new developments in social media, review your goals, and discuss any other digital marketing related issues or questions.

This package includes a discount on additional hourly consulting services.

Strategy Consulting Includes:

  • One 30 minute video consulting call per month
    • Recorded calls
    • Email recap of action items
  • Two quick fixes (text, call, or email chats or up to 10 minutes each)
  • 15% discount for additional consulting hours

Who is this for?

Soloprenuers and small businesses looking for social media guidance with an ad budget of under $10,000 per year. May be performing the social media work themselves or working with a small team of contractors or interns to perform social media tasks.

I offer Strategy Consulting services via contract only.

Request pricing and availability: Contact Me

VIP Consulting

My VIP consulting packages are geared towards businesses with multiple social media accounts who need strategy from an outside perspective. With this package, I am available to help you via text, email, and calls for short questions you need answered. We’ll also meet for 1 hour each month on a recorded video call during which we will review your social media accounts, discuss new developments in social media, review your goals, and discuss any other digital marketing related issues or questions.

I can also provide training for your team during these calls.

This package includes a discount on additional hourly consulting services and access to the entire catalog of online courses offered by Smart Creative Social for one employee.


  • One 1 hour video consulting calls per month
    • Recorded calls
    • Email recap of action items
  • Four quick fixes (text, call, or email chats or up to 10 minutes each)
  • Monitoring of social media account via admin access, for purposes of coaching only
  • 25% discount for additional consulting hours
  • Access to entire catalog of Smart Creative Social courses and membership materials during contract via one company login, to include:
    • Smart Pin PRO Course
    • Hashtag PRO Course
    • Smart Creative Social Membership
    • Social Media Content Planning Workshop

Who is this for?

Corporate or mid-size business with a dedicated social media manager or social media team with an ad budget of over $10,000 annually.

I offer VIP Consulting services via contract only.

Request pricing and availability: Contact Me

*Technical difficulties:
If there is an error during recording, I will not be able to provide the recording of our call for review. Please note that this is rare, however, with technology, sometimes snafus happen. If this does occur, I will comp you a 15 minute laser coaching session as a followup.

Influencer Program Management

Need someone to create content for your social media channels? Looking to work with influencers but not sure where to start? I’ve spent over 15 years working as an influencer and content creator as well as managing influencer and content creator programs for brands. I’ve spent time working on both sides of the fence so I intimately understand the challenges facing both parties as well as the mistakes to avoid. I’ve also built an extensive network of influencers, bloggers, and content creators who I can match with your company.

I offer Influencer Program Management services via contract only.

Request pricing and availability: Contact Me

Why work with Smart Creative Social?

I’m Jennifer Priest, the founder and chief strategist at Smart Creative Social. Here’s what makes Smart Creative Social unique as a social media strategy consulting firm:

15+ years experience in digital marketing

I have been working in digital marketing and social media marketing for over 15 years. I sold on ebay starting in 2000 and began email marketing in 2003. I have a substantial understanding of WordPress sites, blogging, social media platforms and tools, SEO, video creation, and more digital marketing tools and strategies as a result of working on my own businesses but also working with clients since 2009.

Tested strategies

I test the strategies I use on my own websites and social media accounts before rolling them out to clients. This means I have real world evidence about what works and what doesn’t. And your accounts won’t be used for “experiments”; we only use strategies we know work for our clients.

Up-to-date on the latest trends, developments, and tools in digital marketing

I attend upwards of 10 digital marketing focused conferences per year, take online courses, am a member of multiple associations and societies, and stay to up-to-date on social media and digital marketing developments so that you don’t have to. You will save countless hours and dollars by getting the information you need succinctly and tailored for your company in our calls. I make it my mission to bring my clients the latest relevant developments in social media to keep them on the cutting edge.

A focus on ROI

I am incredibly passionate about my clients’ success. I get really excited about the possibilities for your business during our calls because I can see the possibilities and results. But I also look at your resources and develop a plan to help you get a return on your investment. My goal is that every client comes away from each call with a plan that will give them results.

15+ years of experience in the craft industry

Are you a craft or creative arts company? Not only have I been crafting my entire life, I started selling at craft fairs when I was 9 years old. I came from a family of crafters and intimately understand the craft customer as well as the craft entrepreneur. From selling at crafts fairs to selling on ebay and etsy, teaching online craft classes to teaching classes to hundreds at large national events, I’ve worked in many facets of the craft industry, from handmade to corporate. Unlike any other social media strategist, I bring my understanding of digital marketing together with creativity to create a truly unique and results-driven strategy for each client.


Jennifer’s knowledge and experience with social and digital marketing has been incredibly helpful to our business. She continuously gives me and my team updates on new algorithms and other important topics that we need to execute our marketing plans. I feel comfortable speaking to her about what’s working and what’s not working for us, as well as sharing confidential information that is pertinent to our company. Her drive to keep up with the evolving social media environment is appreciated and the time and effort she puts into her business is impressive! Jennifer has a ton of experience in the industry and we benefit from her professional connections and advice every day.

Hannah Bartelt, Marketing Manager, Walnut Hollow


… by far, the most valuable element was the laser coaching. In those sessions Jennifer focused in on my specific needs. I learned an immense amount of pertinent information and was amazed by the results I immediately started to see. I am so thankful that Jennifer was flexible enough to tailor our session to what I needed. After taking her course and the laser coaching sessions I feel empowered.

Heather Vander Wey, Blogger, The Fed Up Foodie


Jennifer is a talented designer/crafter with uncommon business smarts. Few artists understand and know how to leverage social media, make industry connections and just plain know how to make a business work. Few business people have her creativity and ingenuity.

Sharon Fain, Public Relations and Marketing Expert, Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters


While at AFCI’s Creativation, I got to chat with Jennifer Priest several times. The BEST time was when we sat down and had appetizers together on Sunday night (the event she put together for this community).

It was FANTASTIC! We shared ideas, I got advice, she listened to what I was thinking, shared her expertise, we laughed…I think I even cried a little…but most of all, I felt connected to a super talented individual who is passionate about what she does/knows. One of the best hours I had all week.

Thank you Jennifer Priest! And if you aren’t taking advantage of opportunities to collaborate with Jennifer – let me just say – IMHO – you “cra cra!”

Joe Rotella, Founder/Creative Director at Create N Craft


I’ve been using hashtags for years, but Jennifer taught me how to use them strategically and more effectively to boost my engagement and my brand. Jennifer genuinely cares about helping her students succeed. We are seeing steady growth … But the results on Pinterest have been dramatic with 85% growth in engagement! 

I highly recommend Jennifer Priest to anyone looking to take their social media strategies and systems to the next level!

Kristen Mangus, Designer, Instructor & Influencer, GoodKnitKisses


Jennifer has been with our company for 7+ years as our social media coordinator, she has done a phenomenal job raising our brand recognition on Facebook and other media sites.

April Thomas, Former Marketing Manager, Clearsnap Holding Inc


Request access to case studies and my portfolio here: Contact Me


Deep dive into a social media platform or topic with one my comprehensive courses. Each course includes the theory and practical application, such as screen shares, of how to execute the concepts in the course. My goal is that everyone walk away from my courses knowing not just what to do but HOW to do it and why. Lots of courses tell you what to do and don’t explain why; and that means you can’t adjust your strategy when the next algorithm change comes. I want to empower everyone who goes through my courses to be able to develop and adjust your own social media strategy, no matter how many algorithm changes come in in the future.

Current courses offerings:

Smart Pin PRO – Learn how to drive traffic with Pinterest

Hashtag PRO – Learn how to use hashtags effectively on all major platforms and beyond to develop cutting edge content and products

Social Media Content Planning Workshop – Create a cohesive visual social media content plan for your brand using Canva and analytics tools