Do you ever wish someone would just TELL you where to find the best help and guidance for your blog and business? Hey, that’s what I am doing, right now! These resources to make your blog and business ROCK make me hop out of my chair with excitement because they are SO GOOD. Be sure to pin and bookmark this post so you can come back to reference these over and over again. This post contains affiliate links.



1. What to Write About … Right Now

Are you blogging like crazy and not getting anywhere? Try these content ideas. I especially love the point they make in section 2 that posts need to help readers save time, make money, or have fun. Such a good basic litmus test for any post you’re writing! This post I’m writing: saves time. I found the good stuff for you so you don’t have to waste time searching!

2. Productivity, Multi-Tasking, and Deep Work … we all can improve

I recently listened to this episode of the Art Charm, interviewing Cal Newport, the author of Deep Work. Over the last few years I have noticed that I am less productive, more anxious, and I feel pulled in a million directions. It’s not surprising with so much social media and so many devices beeping at us all day long. In this podcast, Cal Newport addresses why we feel this way and how his book teaches you how to get out of this panic mode and get back into to doing deep work, essentially exercising your mind for maximum performance.

Last night I tried to just watch TV. Normally I eat while watching TV and am flipping between my phone and laptop at the same time. It was hard to just watch TV. I put all the devices down and just tried to focus on the show. A couple times I reached for my phone, then I caught myself filing my nails… I had to stop that! I had a much better experience and enjoyed the show better when I was just focused on that ONE thing. I woke up this morning clearer and ready to go right away. I have not felt like that in years.

This morning, I ate my breakfast away from the computer, with the TV off, no phone in hand, and not even a book. I just enjoyed the flavors of my food. I ended up eating only half of what was on my plate – I was satisfied with less and enjoyed it more than I have enjoyed breakfast in months.

These are simple exercises to help break us out of the cycle of seeking constant stimuli, which Cal Newport says damages our ability to concentrate and do meaningful work. Listen to the podcast and then if you want to start this journey, pick up the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. I’m reading it and sharing my journey in the Smart Creative Social Facebook Group. Join us!



3. How to repurpose your content like a machine

I’ve been working on repurposing some of my old content on Hydrangea Hippo so this post could not have been more timely for me to read. Why is it that we write a blog post once and call it “done”? We are working SO HARD to only stop at the most important point – promotion and distribution? Pat Flynn lays it out in this post, his answer to being called out by Gary Vaynerchuk. Bookmark this and use it as your content repurposing roadmap. It’s THAT good. How to Repurpose Your Blog Content Like a Machine

I hope you leave this post empowered and ready to take your blog and business to a new level. Pick ONE and get it done. You’re already part of the way there if you read this far!

Which of these will you be starting on NOW? Let me know in the comments!

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