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What to Post to your Facebook Page

If you’re reading this, you’re probably frustrated with the results from posting on your Facebook Page. With all the algorithm changes that Facebook performs multiple times a year, it seems that once you get a strategy that works to grow your Facebook Page, they change everything up AGAIN. Many of the people giving advice for how to navigate Facebook’s changes have Pages with HUGE followings already or they have a big budget to pay for advertising for their corporate clients. If you’ve tried to apply some of their advice to your own Page’s strategy, you might have been disappointed with the results. I’ve been working on a new Facebook strategy for the last 8 months for Pages with under 20,000 likes. After getting amazing results on a Facebook Page with 8,000 likes, I decided to further test the strategy on 5 additional Facebook Pages with between 500 and 20,000 likes.

Guess what? This strategy has produced results on all five Pages, all in different niches!

It might be surprising that Facebook strategy boils down to a few simple, almost basic ideas.  In a marketing mindset, it can be challenging to see and understand what makes a post’s reach soar on Facebook, what makes reach tank, and what makes people click over to your site. It all boils down to one simple principle: Facebook wants people to spend more time on Facebook because Facebook makes money when people view ads on the site. Everything Facebook does is tied to this one principle.

Here are some examples to consider:

  • Facebook shows videos to as many people as possible. Videos on Facebook keep people from going to YouTube (away from Facebook) and they are highly shareable – how many Tasty videos have you shared this month?!
  • Facebook cultivates your newsfeed with the “best” content so you will stay on the newsfeed, scrolling (and seeing more ads). Facebook allows you to easily hide content you don’t like, share content you do like, and leave comments without ever leaving the newsfeed.
  • Facebook shows you content from trusted sources first. Why is it that you can always see a CNN or Buzzfeed or HuffPo article in your newsfeed but posts from small bloggers don’t always show up? Those large sites are trusted sources. Facebook knows you will have a good experience if you click to visit those sites. They want you to go to Facebook as your first stop for news, pop culture, and current events instead of Yahoo!News or Twitter. If Facebook showed you all the links in the feed at a time, you’d definitely click a few trashy ones and then swear off clicking links on Facebook any more. Just like large news sites curate what shows up on the front page so you’ll click, Facebook curates the newsfeed.

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So now, how do you take that idea and create better content for your Facebook Page?

This can be confusing because these ideas are abstract and intellectual. So let’s break it down even more. Here are the basic tenets of what makes a successful Facebook post:

A post needs to be Niche and Brand Specific

The more focused the content on your Page is, the better it will perform. I like to look to the big dogs and consider why they do things the way they do. Why does Buzzfeed have a separate Page for recipe videos (Tasty)? Buzzfeed’s content is all over the spectrum but having niche specific Facebook Pages means that each Page will attract followers for that niche. If I really like recipe process videos, I’ll “like” Tasty. I know that I will always get a GREAT recipe process video from that Page. I’m more likely to interact with their posts in the newsfeed because I know I will get a GREAT recipe video.

For your own Page, this just means knowing your brand, niche, and audience. If you are unclear about your brand, niche, and audience, try this:

  • In 3 to 5 bullet points, name the topics your Page is about
  • What is the “look” of your content? Is it saturated, muted, clean, shabby chic, bohemian, or something else?
  • Look at your insights to see who is reading your Page. What are they interested in?

Let’s walk through this briefly with Hydrangea Hippo:

  • Topic: Crafts and DIY
    • clever, useful, smart projects
    • craft rooms and organizing, purging
    • creativity, art, expression in craft
    • how-to
    • staged photos with the projects in use- parties, home decor, etc
  • The “look”: over-saturated, kind of sassy and silly text, colorful, bold
  • Audience: 35-44 year old women, 71% of audience is on mobile

Without going too far into branding, consider making a visual brand guide in canva. Refer to it when you are not sure if a post should be posted on your Page.

HH Style Guide 2016

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A post should make people laugh, teach them something (they want to know), or get a reaction

Why are some posts shared thousands of times (millions even!) and others get literally zero likes? Facebook rolls out content to a select few people who follow your Page. Depending on how those people engage (like, share, comment, click, read in the news feed), Facebook decides whether the post is worthy to show to more people.  The reactions of those people REALLY matter because they determine how many and to whom the post is shared next. How can you hook them in, right away? Laughter always works for me, especially if it is niche specific but if you follow the idea that you need to make people laugh, cry, or say “wow”, you’ll get success most of the time. The post below reached over 600,000 people in just a few days. I got 400 new LIKES on the page as a result.

Why did it work?

  • It was niche specific
  • It made people laugh
  • It was surprising. That wave of emotion over seeing something clever equals LOADS of shares on Facebook posts

A post should be from a trusted source

If your blog is brand new, it might be difficult to get ANY kind of traffic to it. Luckily, on social media it’s a good thing to share other people’s posts. Share posts and links from Pages within your niche that have more followers and more reach than your Page. Use the Insights tool on your Facebook Page to follow Pages similar to yours. When you click on their Page name in the Insights panel, you can see their top performing posts for the week. That’s instant gold right there – those posts are already performing well! So why not share them? Build your following by sharing content from Pages in your niche who are already successful.


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You don’t need to share everything from your blog to Facebook

If a post on your blog does not fit your niche, do not share it to your Facebook Page. Last summer, I wrote a post on the Just JP blog about a bad pedicure experience I had. I would not share that post to the Hydrangea Hippo Facebook Page because that Page is strictly about crafts. Sure, lots of crafters are ladies and lots of ladies get pedicures, but the post did not fit the brand. It would not get good interaction because it would be confusing to people about why I shared it and it would not be expected content for that Facebook Page.

Now you’re ready to start posting to Facebook!

Posting this kind of content, regularly, can help to build reach on your Facebook Page as well as traffic to your site. If you feel like you have tried all of the strategies above and you’re stumped about what to share, here’s the solution!

I created a short FREE GUIDE on how to find VIRAL content for your Facebook Page. I use these strategies to find great content to share, to get shares on my high-performing content, and to get an idea on what content is performing well on other Pages in in my niche.

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What’s your biggest Facebook challenge? Let’s continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, Smart Creative Social, and here in the comments.

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