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Creative Snapchat Accounts You Should Follow


If you are looking for The Snapchat Hustle ebook, please note that it is no longer available for purchase. Please enjoy this article instead ūüôā¬†Are there really crafters or DIY people on there? I gathered a list of some of the best CREATIVE¬†Snapchat accounts to follow to help you get started on your Snapchat journey! […]

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Stop bashing on sponsored posts

Blogging , Business Advice

I’ve heard people bash on bloggers who do alot of sponsored posts. I tell you what! There is ALOT of skill in being able to weave a sponsor message into a blog post, write well, check your spelling and not rely on spell check, take amazing photos, learn how to write a tutorial, follow instructions, turn […]

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Find your Snapchat URL

Snapchat , Social Media Marketing

Last week Snapchat released a new update that allows you to share your Snapchat url to other social networks. It’s a game changer! Here’s how to find your Snapchat url: Previous to this update, there were only a couple of ways to get followers on Snapchat: Share your snapcode (that ghost in a yellow box […]

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Pretty Pinterest Challenge

Social Media Marketing

Last week, someone in one of the hundreds of Facebook groups I am in made a comment about how ugly Pinterest has gotten. I guess I hadn’t really realized it since I don’t actually browse Pinterest as a user much any more. I search. I repin. I pin alot of original content from my sites, […]

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