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Instagram Scheduling Tools Update 2018 – What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, Instagram announced an awesome change and benefit to Business Account users! One of the hardest things about using Instagram is the lack of a true scheduler. You know, one where you schedule the post and it goes up without you having to do anything else. These schedulers do exist ( is an example) but it’s against Instagram’s terms of service to use these tools.

Up until now, you could use a tool like Tailwind or HootSuite to schedule an alert that lets you know that it’s time to manually post your content on Instagram. With this new update announced on Tuesday, you will be able to use these same systems to actually schedule the content to publish on its own.

HootSuite has already rolled out this update to its users. And a representative from Tailwind informed me on Tuesday that they are working hard to roll out this update to their users and they just made an official announcement about it on their site: Tailwind announcement of Scheduling Changes

Here’s what you need to know about Instagram Scheduling Changes:

1. Make sure your Instagram account is a Business Account

Not sure how? Watch this video:

2. Sign up for an approved Instagram partner to start scheduling

I recommend Tailwind. Get 30 days free with my referral link!

Not sure if the program you are using is approved? Click here to check.

3. Wait for that approved partner to “turn on” scheduling

Hoot Suite already offers this feature … and it is coming soon to Tailwind.

Additionally, this update will allow you to use these 3rd party tools to view posts you’ve been tagged and view other business profiles. This can be really handy if you are running a feature hashtag for your business. For example, if people use #smartfundiy in their Instagram posts, I might feature their photo and account on my Smart Fun DIY Instagram account.

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