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Instagram Scheduling Tools Update 2018 – What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, Instagram announced an awesome change and benefit to Business Account users! One of the hardest things about using Instagram is the lack of a true scheduler. You know, one where you schedule the post and it goes up without you having to do anything else. These schedulers do exist ( is an example) but it’s against […]

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Tailwind Tribes are now PUBLIC!

The Tailwind Tribes community started about a year ago with just one Tribe and nineteen Tribemates. Today, there are thousands of Tribes spanning a wide variety of niches. Chances are, if your business or blog has a niche, there’s a Tribe for it. Until today, Tailwind Tribes has been available by invitation only, but now, with […]

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27 Social Media Hacks to Do While On The Phone

I am on the phone a TON!!!! And usually, that means I can’t type because I am a loud typer and typing, well, it is kind of rude anyways. I mean, if you’re typing, you’re not listening. What’s even more filled with opportunities while on the phone are conference calls or webinars. Not all of […]

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