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VidCon 2016 ReCap – What I Learned

I got home from VidCon with loads of ideas floating in my head. This post took me three days to write because I had 10 pages of notes and I wanted to make sure to get all the best nuggets of info down on (blog) paper for YOU! This was my second VidCon and knowing that […]

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Creative Snapchat Accounts You Should Follow

If you are looking for The Snapchat Hustle ebook, please note that it is no longer available for purchase. Please enjoy this article instead 🙂 Are there really crafters or DIY people on there? I gathered a list of some of the best CREATIVE Snapchat accounts to follow to help you get started on your Snapchat journey! […]

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Find your Snapchat URL

Last week Snapchat released a new update that allows you to share your Snapchat url to other social networks. It’s a game changer! Here’s how to find your Snapchat url: Previous to this update, there were only a couple of ways to get followers on Snapchat: Share your snapcode (that ghost in a yellow box […]

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