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Facebook Branded Content Policy and What It Means UPDATED

Updated August 2018: Facebook’s Branded Content Policy and Branded Content Tool rolled out in April 2016. This post was originally published on April 28, 2016. Since then, there have been a lot of updates to the policy. This post has been updated to reflect the latest changes to the Branded Content Policy, including how to […]

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VidSummit recap -17 Takeaways from VidSummit 2017 Los Angeles

Last week I went to VidSummit, a conference for video makers and marketers in Los Angeles, California. After being hit with ads from Gary Vee and Shonduras all over Facebook plus seeing testimonials about how great VidSummit is, I bit the bullet and grabbed a ticket. I was done with conferences for 2017 but I […]

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VidCon 2016 ReCap – What I Learned

I got home from VidCon with loads of ideas floating in my head. This post took me three days to write because I had 10 pages of notes and I wanted to make sure to get all the best nuggets of info down on (blog) paper for YOU! This was my second VidCon and knowing that […]

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What to Post to your Facebook Page

If you’re reading this, you’re probably frustrated with the results from posting on your Facebook Page. With all the algorithm changes that Facebook performs multiple times a year, it seems that once you get a strategy that works to grow your Facebook Page, they change everything up AGAIN. Many of the people giving advice for […]

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Banned?! How to tell if you’ve been Banned from a Facebook Page

You might already know about the feature on Facebook where you can block people. These are people who are or are not on your Friends list who you don’t want seeing your profile and who you don’t want contacting you. There are lots of very valid reasons for using the “Blocked” feature on Facebook and […]

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