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Stop bashing on sponsored posts

Blogging , Business Advice

I’ve heard people bash on bloggers who do alot of sponsored posts. I tell you what! There is ALOT of skill in being able to weave a sponsor message into a blog post, write well, check your spelling and not rely on spell check, take amazing photos, learn how to write a tutorial, follow instructions, turn […]

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How to tell when “exposure” is worth it and when it isn’t #NSFW

Blogging , Business Advice , Crafts Industry , Social Media Marketing

Most of the time, exposure is a lie. If you are any type of creative with a business, you’ve been offered “exposure” as a form of “compensation.” Sometimes it truly IS compensation. It is a resume builder, brings you traffic, brings you recognition, and feels good. And sometimes, exposure isn’t worth anything. How do you tell […]

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