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The Ugly Reality of the Craft Industry That No One Wants to Deal With

Yesterday I saw post after post on Facebook about how PaperCrafts & Scrapbooking magazine was closing its doors. I have yet to see the email myself and the PC&S website looks like business as usual but the people posting are trustworthy so I have to think that it’s true that the magazine is closing. All […]

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Banned?! How to tell if you’ve been Banned from a Facebook Page

You might already know about the feature on Facebook where you can block people. These are people who are or are not on your Friends list who you don’t want seeing your profile and who you don’t want contacting you. There are lots of very valid reasons for using the “Blocked” feature on Facebook and […]

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How to Add Links to Your Blog – for Amazon Associates

I’ve been recommending to many of my artist and designer clients and friends to become Amazon Associates, especially if they have their own books or licensed product lines that they are regularly promoting on their websites. It is super easy to sign up to become an affiliate for – just follow the prompts on […]

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