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Pinterest Traffic: Should Your Business Use Pinterest?

Inside: Find out if Pinterest is the right choice for sending traffic to your site and the next steps to take to generate massive Pinterest traffic. As a Pinterest strategist, the #1 question I get asked these days is: “Should my business be on Pinterest?” Pinterest traffic can be an excellent source of free leads, […]

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Yellow graphic with text Are Hashtags Still A Good Idea

Are Hashtags on Pinterest Still A Good Idea?

UPDATE March 2021: Hashtags are no longer functional on Pinterest: hashtags cannot be clicked on Pinterest Pinterest best practices no longer reference using hashtags The article and all recommendations below this point were originally published in October 2020. Hashtags have been functional on Pinterest for just over 3 years now. There’s a lot of confusion […]

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How to use Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends tool explained – how to use it to get more traffic to your website from Pinterest Excitement can’t even begin to describe my reaction to hearing that Pinterest was releasing a new tool called “Pinterest Trends” that will change the way marketers use Pinterest. With this move, Pinterest further solidifies their position as […]

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How to Login to Multiple Pinterest Accounts at Once – Switch Pinterest Accounts

Do you manage multiple Pinterest accounts? Then you probably have been longing for the day when Pinterest allows you to login to multiple Pinterest accounts at one time. Well, that day is here! I discovered this hack in September 2018 and am super excited to show you how. Weary social media managers, keep reading to […]

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How to Manage Pinterest Group Boards with Tailwind

Group boards can play an integral part in the formula for generating massive traffic from Pinterest.  In this post I’m going to share the common mistakes that bloggers and marketers make when joining group boards … and how to avoid them. Plus, learn how to manage Pinterest group boards with Tailwind. Yup, you can use […]

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How to pin video on Pinterest

Can you pin video? Yes! In this post, we’ll explore how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to Youtube videos, Facebook videos, and other video platforms. Plus I’ll share how to upload a video pin without paying for a promoted pin, or ad, and how to make long pins for videos. This post has affiliate […]

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Board Booster Closed – Now What?

In case you haven’t heard, BoardBooster is closing. Now that BoardBooster closed, bloggers are scrambling for answers as the risks of losing traffic and losing income looms high. My inbox has blown up with requests to learn more about how to run campaigns on Pinterest Group Boards with Tailwind. What about “looping” pins to pin […]

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7 Unexpected Ways to Use Pinterest

Think Pinterest is only for inspiration and driving blog traffic? I’ve been using Pinterest in these 7 unexpected ways for years. You’re going to love these ideas for using Pinterest in totally new ways! In this video with Elisa Meredith and a Pinterest rep, Tailwind did a deep dive into all things NEW on Pinterest. Pinterest […]

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Setting up an Overhead Camera for Videos

How do they make those Tasty style videos? I’ve filmed and edited over 1000 videos for clients and my own channels … every client and sponsor has been asking for overhead tutorial videos, like Buzzfeed’s Tasty does. In this post, I’ll share the beginning to end of everything I’ve learned in the last 6 years […]

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New Pinterest Profile for 2018

This past week, Pinterest rolled out a new look to Pinterest profiles. Let’s walk through all the changes to your updated Pinterest profile … plus I’ll share some tips on how to optimize your profile now, to take advantage of the 2018 Pinterest updates. This post contains affiliate links. What’s new in 2018 with Pinterest […]

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