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Banned?! How to tell if you’ve been Banned from a Facebook Page

You might already know about the feature on Facebook where you can block people. These are people who are or are not on your Friends list who you don’t want seeing your profile and who you don’t want contacting you. There are lots of very valid reasons for using the “Blocked” feature on Facebook and that is why they’ve built that feature into the site.

But did you know that there is a “Ban” option for Facebook Pages? This allows you to stop a user from commenting on or interacting with your Page. Unlike “Blocking” people, “Banned” users can still see the Page but they can’t comment, share, or like anything on your Page. Their experience is a little different from a regular fan. Here’s what users who have been banned from a Facebook Page experience:

  • Can still see what you post
  • Can still “like” your Page
  • Can read everything on your Page
  • Can’t like any posts from you or anyone else on your Page
  • Can’t comment on any posts on your Page, from you or anyone else
  • Can’t share any content from your Page (but if they are savvy enough, they CAN take screenshots and share that way…)

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Here is some official stuff from Facebook on the subject:

You can additionally make sure that banned users can’t comment on your Page via a widget or comment box on your blog. Here’s how.


Sometimes you accidentally “ban and delete” a user from your Facebook Page. I find this happens especially when I am using the Pages Manager on my mobile phone – I click to “like” the post and it instead brings up a menu to delete the post or ban the user and I click that accidentally when I am trying to work too fast.

That’s okay. It is easy to fix.

  1. Click the “Edit Page” drop down menu on your Admin Panel.
  2. Choose “See Banned Users”, about the 5th item down on the menu.
  3. You can see all the people who you’ve banned from your Page.
  4. Change the setting next to their name in the list that appears to unban them from the Page. Now they can interact with your Page as usual again!

Opinions on banning users from Facebook Pages vary. Here are some additional resources to check out:

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Teresa saunders says September 14, 2014

My Facebook page is reading content not found. Does this mean Facebook has banned me. I don’t recall putting anything on there that would have caused this. I’m at a loss for words and need help. Can you help me with this?

    Jennifer Priest says September 15, 2014

    Oh wow — can you send me a link please so I can look at it?

antonio says May 19, 2015

Facebook block from my friend page I can’t click on nothing they dont even give details I wonder why and how long

    Jennifer Priest says May 27, 2015

    Hello, Sorry to hear that. Have you checked in the help section on Facebook? They should have sent an email with instructions and a notification about why the page was shut down.

Robert Armstrong says September 4, 2017

Tell me the reason why I am banned for three days and still not fully back on facebook

    Jennifer Priest says September 6, 2017

    Hello, I can’t because I don’t have the full story of what happened to you. Contact Facebook.

john mc donald says November 29, 2017

I cant get in to facebook

Setsunna says December 25, 2017

I am still upset that I seem to always get banned after posting a review on the visitor post section of a company website. I always write reviews in a professional manner but if I have a bad experience I am truthful, while being professional at the same time. So when I see ads for these companies on my FB page, I automatically go to the visitor post section and notice at that moment that I am banned from viewing or posting anymore. There is no reason given. I can only assume that they ban all negative reviews and keep the positive ones, making their reviews biased and preventing everyone from seeing negative posts. Why is there no way to contact these pages and ask why I was banned? I know if I am inappropriate or wrong but giving true testimony without being rude or nasty should not result in being banned. It’s like FB can have members ban at will and there is no way to undo it or for the accused to question what actually happened to possibly get unbanned .

    Jennifer Priest says December 27, 2017

    Maybe try contacting the company via their website? It might be their policy to ban anyone who posts negative things to their Facebook Page. They can make their own rules as long as they comply with FB’s terms of service. It’s really like going in their living room and telling them their hair looks bad – even if their hair DOES look bad, some people would ask you to leave their home. That’s what they’re doing when they ban you for leaving a negative review.

Eric says March 31, 2018

My account was terminated and I was told by Facebook not to attempt to get another account. I was told that I was banned permanently on the following grounds:

1. Using a false name and date of birth (not true)
2. Posting pictures that were suppose to be copyrighted (some of the pictures were artwork that I created).
3. Facebook claimed that someone reported that I had not ever gone to college (I went to college and graduated)
4. Reported that I was conducting a business on my profile (I don’t own a business)

This was the same allegations that were reported to Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram) a month before my Facebook account was terminated. I was fine without Facebook and I will be fine after Facebook.

James Arthur Jancik says September 1, 2018

How can one tell the sharp decrease in comments, likes, etc is due to “Shadowbanning” are people just don’t like or are interested in what one is posting?

    Jennifer Priest says September 1, 2018

    Well, the “shadowban” is not real. And banning from a Facebook Page is a totally different issue.

    If people are not interacting with your content it could be because:

    1. they don’t feel a connection with you or the content (it might be too salesy, too direct, not enough personality)
    2. they don’t like the content (do your research before you make the content)
    3. they aren’t understanding what you’re posting (too many words, too hard to read)
    4. your content is not optimized for the platform (i.e. you only post links on Facebook or you post landscape videos on igtv)

    So brainstorm on which of these reasons might be why they are not seeing the content. Then start testing new things.

James driza says November 16, 2018

It keeps telling me that I’m temporary blocked from page manager. i can’t post on my business page nor can I get anyone to tell me why. there’s nothing on my business page that would cause me to be banned. Can anyone please help me. Thank you

    Jennifer Priest says November 25, 2018

    Hello, Try to contact Facebook through your ads manager 🙂 Hope that helps!

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