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How to Add Links to Your Blog – for Amazon Associates

I’ve been recommending to many of my artist and designer clients and friends to become Amazon Associates, especially if they have their own books or licensed product lines that they are regularly promoting on their websites. It is super easy to sign up to become an affiliate for – just follow the prompts on the site! Here is the link to sign up.

Amazon has tons of resources to help their affiliates be successful. The more effectively you share Amazon’s links, badges, and banners on your website, the more sales Amazon gets and the more commission you then receive. Sweet deal, right? Well, even with all of the great resources Amazon has made available to their Associates, sometimes, for us artists, it is easier to have someone walk us through the process. Since the sign up process is pretty straightforward and involves alot of personal information, I won’t share how to do that. But I WILL share how to add links to your blog posts once you ARE an Amazon Associate. These can be links to any product Amazon offers, however, there may be special rules if you manufacture a product or have an Amazon store so refer to their guidelines for that.

Check out this handy dandy video on how to add affiliate links to your blog posts from your Amazon Affiliates account so you can start earning money today:

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